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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vietnam cuisine is quite diverse, each dish will bring a taste with its own attraction. Today, let's come up with a very attractive delicacies but how easy it is fried ribs with chilli. Do you want to learn how to make fried ribs with chilli and how it not? Let her into the kitchen and learn how to do.

Material prepared for fried ribs with chilli:
  1. 400 grams of small ribs
  2. 4 cloves garlic
  3. 2 citronella
  4. 1 chilies
  5. 1 lemon
  6. 1 little cilantro, coriander, cucumber
  7. Spices: sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil, grain wedge.

How to make fried ribs with chilli and easy, you let her make a couple following actions:

First will come with ingredients lemon grass, garlic, chilli and vegetables together.

Lemongrass, garlic you peeled, chopped. Washed and chopped peppers. With three ingredients, each of you take 1/2 retired general and crushed.

Coriander, cilantro picked and washed out and drain. Cucumber peeled, sliced ​​cross.

Next is the small rib

Once purchased you bring clean, cheap ribs and cut into bite size pieces. To quickly infuse spice marinated ribs, can use a knife to slit 2 diagonally on each chop.

Get the garlic mixture, lemongrass, finely chopped chilli to ribs to marinate with seasoning seeds along with 2 coffee, 1 cafe sugar, 1 little lemon juice. For delicious ribs marinated flank you should take a little longer, at least 40-60 minutes to the slopes with the spices infuse time.

With lemongrass, garlic, chilli rest

You north pan on the stove, heat the vegetable oil and 1 bit for the notes section on non-fragrant materials. Place ribs in, stir. To chop dare you, you remember a little more seasoning sauce, soaked with 1 time to soak ribs and flank disks.

Only 3 steps pretty quickly you've got chops fried with chilli and delicious. Besides sweet and sour ribs fascinated how taste, sometimes with rib try with a new raw material processing and viewing stars, attractive and interesting will do the trick. And the best part is that every day we discover a new delicacies, not fussy or complicated needs anyway. Joy always start from the simple, delicious meals simply gather with family, and that was it but also happy.
Surely you are familiar with crispy chicken wings, pork fried Bushy Park that also with small slopes, why not it crispy. With a little bit of variation below, non-fried chops will not just crispy aromatic, eye-catching colors that will make the whole family enjoy the full new prime ribs. Let's learn how to make fried chops to entertain the whole family.

'Ingredients for preparing fried chops:
  1. 500 grams of pork ribs
  2. 200 Fried dough
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1 garlic juice cafe
  5. 1 coffee granules
  6. Pepper 1/2 cafe
  7. Cooking oil

How to make delicious fried chops you just made a few small actions below:

Eggs you for the bowl and smashed.

Fried flour for the bowl.

With ribs, after purchase you washed, cut into bite size pieces. To ribs are fragrant and sweet, you should delay rib boiling water bowl and place the marinated ribs with wedge nuts, pepper, garlic juice. Time marinated ribs about 20 minutes to infuse spices.

Dip chops in egg, then roll soaked bowl over dough Fried

North pan on stove, heating oil and then you are golden fried ribs on the surface. To shorten the time and have the crispy and delicious chop, you should deep-frying. But when deep-frying pan would be very wide, so you can use a deep pan to perform this operation.

After finishing fried ribs, you pick up the slopes of the oil absorbent paper-lined plate. This approach will help you eat ribs tasty and not sick.

Finally the disc rib, food will taste better as more disks mayonnaise or sour sauce.

Depending on the tastes and preferences you can select your own favorite dishes accompanied dot. Eat ribs with rice crispy delicious, moreover can eat with noodles. With just a few taps quite fast you have attractive delicacies contributing family side tray. To add a new meal week without losing too much time, please try this delicious crispy ribs.
The unique combination and harmony of colors and flavors, chops cutlet oyster sauce promising to bring to you and your family meals interesting and attractive. Often, friends and family who frequented the shop can enjoy cutlet chops, but today you can make cutlet chops at home that tastes not unlike outdoors jive. Do you want to know how to cook the chops cutlet this oyster sauce How not? It is easy then, and now let's watching to see more entries making oyster sauce with pork ribs come.

Material prepared for cutlet chops oyster sauce:
  1. 400 gram rib chop cutlet pieces
  2. 1 stalk green onion
  3. 2-3 cloves garlic
  4. 2 tablespoons flour or flour type used for fried crispy fried chicken
  5. Salt, sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce (soy sauce), pepper

How do cutlet chops oyster sauce:

Peeled garlic, chopped.

Onion cleaned, cut into short pieces.

With your ribs washed, then used knives pounded each chop lightly to rapidly infuse ribs marinating spices. Then you bring marinated ribs go with 1 pinch of salt (about 1/2 cafe salt), a little pepper. Mix well and marinate chops cutlet chops about 20-25 minutes to infuse spices.

After time mummy, you pour the flour / dough fried and coated disc to chop cutlet fried dough with a thin layer drying, powder clinging to them.

North pan on the stove, and heating oil for fried pork ribs on both the sides. Gold and tastier chops will when you deep-frying, but besides delicacies criteria, the savings is also quite important, is not it therefore you can use a deep pan for implementation of this operation.

Rib after browning, you pick up the disc with lining layer of oil blotting paper.

North a small saucepan on the stove, heat a little oil and garlic in a non-perfumed you to pour into oil cafe perfect 1 1/2 cafe paprika, 1 cafe sugar, 1 cafe soy sauce, a little water qs to stir the mixture and boil.

Next is you give yellow fried ribs, simmer, boil your during your tasting spices to taste. As for the oyster sauce you boil until thick and clinging water are also chop cutlet round the stove off.

Finally you clean dishes and disc layout. This dish is delicious served with hot rice as appealing as fast, feast your home will add to the more eye-catching and jog. You see how cutlet chops simple oyster sauce with it? Whether you have a little clumsy in cooking or not in the kitchen regularly, cutlet chops oyster sauce can not do any hard you are not! Please note this dish in the manual to occasionally change your family meals or entertaining.
With simple processing, the salty sweet ram chops promised to you and your family a delicious meal and fascinating. Have you been enjoying the taste of this dish yet? If not, you get your hands on the kitchen and make this delicious dish right. There are many interesting things await discovery there. And now let's do the kitchen and make this dish even come on.

Raw ram chops prepared for salty sweet:
  1. 300g rib shoulder
  2. 2-3 cloves garlic
  3. 1 chilies
  4. 1 lemon (squeezed juice)
  5. 1 stalk green onion
  6. Seasoning: Fish sauce, sugar, flour, cooking oil, roasted white sesame

Steps ribs salty sweet ram:

Peeled garlic, chopped.

Peppers washed, sliced.

Onion picked and washed, shredded or Status 2 track and split the first tassels.

Dissolve 1 1 cafe cafe flour with water.

Next to the sauce mixture Republic

Get a small bowl of sauce you for 1 cafe, 1 cafe lemon juice, 1 coffee sugar, 1 -2 cafe water, add the garlic, chopped chilli and stir.

Purchase of your ribs washed, cut into bite size pieces and place in the pot boiled then rinse with clean water brought and picked out to dry slopes.

North pan on stove, heat a little oil, then you are golden fried ribs on the surface. Still pan down slopes that you decant oil fraction (if excessive) and the freshly brewed sauce mixture, stirring, boil, turned down to minimum and cook about 6-8 minutes to get soft ribs.

Eventually the comparator special sauce and blended in with the chops, reversed again and turn off the stove. Sprinkle with green onions or roasted sesame seeds on top.

With extremely simple operation, the ribs salty sweet ram this will give your family a delightful meal, just strange delicious, slightly sweet rice mixed with salt very slightly included. If you're still wondering whether to eat anything today, try the delicious dishes that you just introduce it anyway. Still raw material was, how he processed but with one slight twist you have just changed your delicacies for the family.

Each dish in a recipe, a dish a special flavor. And today, to continue on the journey to discover delicacies from the slopes, I will send to you how to make ribs with honey sauce. A little dish listen to it? Do not know this dish is not difficult to do and taste like. To answer these questions, let us into the kitchen to find out what the chef has done chops like honey sauce.

Prepare materials for honey sauce ribs:
  1. 500g small rib
  2. 2 tablespoons honey
  3. 1 tablespoons spiced wine
  4. 1 tablespoons fish sauce
  5. 1 Tbsp soy sauce
  6. 1 tablespoons oyster sauce
  7. 1 teaspoon coconut color
  8. ½ teaspoon pepper
  9. 3 cloves garlic
  10. 1 bunch cilantro

Steps ribs with honey sauce:

Peeled garlic, chopped.

Cilantro washed, chopped.

With ribs, after purchase you wash and cut into bite size pieces. To ribs were tasty and not bad, you should boil over before bringing rib chops go  processing. Once boiled over, bringing back ribs wash with clean water and picked up the bowl ribs.

North pot on the stove, the little oil to the pan, smooth evenly, heat and non-aromatic garlic. Add 1/2 cup water in and boil. With ingredients such as honey, fish, wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper and stir you to a bowl and pour into the boiling pot.

When this mixture boil again, stirring you to the slopes. Boil until slightly thick, the water still for 1 cafe coconut water on the island of the same color to create eye-catching color and more flavor. Off the kitchen.

The last thing you give to a disc ribs with honey sauce, add a little white sesame fried and decorated. This dish is delicious eaten with hot rice, sweet taste of honey soaked in soft rib pieces plus some pickles crunchy delicious meal will be more attractive, a sensation in tune and put incense very tasty dinner great.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pickles rib soup - a dish with sour familiar soothing sound of sauerkraut mixed with sweet soft slopes of the small, simple as that dish but it always has an attractive very special taste. Surely this dish was quite familiar with many of the family meal and then, but for a soup so delicious ribs is not everyone know how you '. In this article I will send to you how to cook ribs soup pickles. Very simply, if you do not know how to make this dish so delicious so you can see how to cook ribs pickle soup later.

Material prepared for cooking ribs soup pickles:
  1. 300 g young slopes
  2. 1 tomato
  3. 250 g pickles
  4. 1/4 onion
  5. 1 clove garlic, 2 cloves Scallion
  6. Spices: pepper, salt, fish sauce, sugar, pepper, seasoning and cooking oil particles.

How do ribs soup pickles you need to follow a few small actions below:

Peeled garlic, chopped. Onion picked and washed, chopped. Scallion your own head to separate, cut into 3 cm and chopped fibers.

Washed tomatoes and add to his nose. Onions peeled, cut his nose.

With your pickles sour squeeze out the water, rinse several times to bring clean water and squeezed dry.

Ribs bought bring washed, cut into bite size pieces. Then you bring boiled ribs go through, with this approach you will have the soup was delicious ribs and rib in water.

Once cooked through, you bring fruit under running water slopes for all sections of foam sticking around. for the bowl and marinate chops with pepper 1/2, 1 wedge nuts, 1/3, 1 sauce, mix well and marinate salt 1/2 about 20 minutes to infuse spices slopes.

North pot on the stove, the cooking oil in a pot and little heat, for non-fragrant garlic. Next to the slopes on the island are, when you see the slopes to hunt and start up the aroma, the pickles on the island, a little more seasoning and salt granules.

When pickles also infused spices you for water (roughly eat sufficient water whiff, if diluted lose taste), boil and then reduce to simmer, cook for 15-2o minutes, his last will tomatoes to boil cooked, add scallions and turn off the heat, add the onion and the soup into bowls.
You note to her delicious soup need tasting spices to taste.

Finally rib soup cook our pickles and served with rice finished hot. A rustic dishes, simple but delicious lunch will help you and your family a delicious meal and stimulate the taste. Needless too picky or take long, a simple meal but full of delicious and is always the preferred choice of housewife sister is not it.
Like northern noodle, bread soup is a popular dish from Central, depending on the tastes and preferences you can select the ingredients or flavors liking to cook, it might be lobster, crab, fish ... And today, let's try to cook with pork ribs decent, very attractive there and now I go along to the kitchen to see how bread soup pork ribs like.

Ingredients for cake soup prepared pork ribs:
  1. 300 grams of rice flour
  2. 100 grams flour
  3. 100 grams flour
  4. 500 grams of pork ribs
  5. Cilantro, green onions.
  6. Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, chili distillation, cooking oil, grain wedge.

The steps made cake soup pork ribs:

The first is that we will carry out the bread soup

For rice, wheat and flour in a bowl large common and mix the ingredients. Then for about 1-2 tablespoons flour to detach the bowl, with the remaining flour 1 tablespoon cooking oil you and mix again, add boiling water and knead processing until dough is smooth and not sticky.

To not be too pasty dough by water, you should not water rushed in at once, but should be prepared gradually, kneading both countries has developed.

When kneading is finished, you spread out to dry powder tray then knead dough was mixed, flat-rolled dough and slice into bite size fibers.

With ribs, after purchase you washed, cut into bite size pieces, boiled ribs with boiling water briefly to be sweet and tasty ribs water, that's the way you kind of taken up dirt on the side section. Rinse ribs to clean water, to the slopes of the bowl and marinate for 1 coffee granules, ½ salt, MSG 1/3, ½ pepper and marinated ribs and mix approximately 20 minutes.

Marinated Flank after you for the pot, add water and simmer for about 30 minutes for soft ribs. In the basement, you tasting spices to taste again.

Pending ribs are tender, 1 pot of water on a stove north, then you boil the noodles into a mature egg, fish cake soup into the bowl of cold water (this is the trick to noodles from sticking to each other) and then picked bread soup into the bowl.

With green onions, cilantro you picked and washed, chopped. With the first part can cut scallions and set aside 3 cm long, stripping microfiber.

Finally you for slopes up bread soup bowl, sprinkle with green onion, add some chili rua odor + chan pasture and water in and enjoy hot.

With the first few steps are very simple, you have to cook pork ribs soup bowl of delicious cakes, each fiber bread soup mix with soft sweet tasty broth, which adds another double quẩy free processing are delicious. Starting the week with a quick meal, tasty and nutritious, you can change the position of both the rib cook bread soup with small or if you want to prepare for breakfast, you can simply prepared and prepared from previous day, next day and do just warming whiff powder, is one delicious breakfast ready.

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